February 9

Hope Community Earns Desk Drawer Grant

Hope Community

Earlier in 2016, Hope Community was awarded a grant from the Community Foundation of Madison and Jefferson County to install carbon monoxide detectors in all apartments.  On December 16, the Foundation reached out to Hope Community again.

Hope received a phone call from a member of the grant committee who explained she had a Desk Drawer Grant of $500 to give to someone of her choice.  The committee member had remembered Hope Community from earlier in the year and felt that giving Hope the grant could greatly benefit the residents.

With the money that was donated, the staff at Hope was able to purchase essential things for the residents to help lessen the financial burden during the holidays. Items purchased included dish soap, socks, gloves, toilet paper, detergent and many other household items. The residents were very grateful for such a grant that provided them with these items. Many got together to sign a thank you card to show their appreciation.