July 12

Grace Lutheran Community Participates In Health Fair

20160629_094652_resizedDecatur County Memorial Hospital held its annual health fair on June 29, 2016 with over 600 people interacting with community vendors, senior housing agencies and receiving free health screenings. Grace Lutheran Community manager, Debbie Robbins and Service Coordinator Penny Dolph participated and shared a lunch sponsorship with other members of the community. Grace Lutheran is located in Greensburg, Indiana and is part of Graceworks Housing Services, which helps seniors find safe and affordable housing accommodations.

The Grace Lutheran table was always busy because attendees loved what residents made as giveaway gifts. There were almost 400 items produced by the “Comfort Crew,” Grace‚Äôs community outreach group. The items went to children, seniors and all folks in-between. The gifts included crocheted “book worm” book markers, prayer rocks and cross-in-your pocket plastic canvas art. Ink pens and Band-Aid containers which celebrated the Graceworks 90 year anniversary were also enjoyed by the health fair crowd.

Each year, Grace Community benefits from the health fair through housing leads and health care providers who schedule to come to Grace to share information with our residents and new volunteers.