May 6

Grace Lutheran Residents Appreciate Bread of Life Volunteers

Grace Lutheran residents thank Bread of Life volunteers.

Grace Lutheran residents thank Bread of Life volunteers.

Graceworks Housing Services provides safe and comfortable homes for seniors with limited incomes. Housing services partners with many nonprofit organizations in their respective geographic locations. Grace Lutheran is located in Greensburg, Indiana.

One Greensburg-area nonprofit is The Greensburg Community Bread of Life, which formed in 2002. Their mission is “Faithfully working together to provide a free meal to those in need.” They serve between 3,000 and 4,000 meals per month with the help of 40-50 volunteers, two of which reside at Grace Lutheran Community.

The Grace Lutheran residents are blessed to receive three meals a week. They gather together in the community room on delivery day and often eat together. Two of residents volunteer to go get the meals each week. Another resident coordinates the meals and ensures they are distributed properly.

Recently the Bread of Life came and took pictures of some of the residents. The picture was for the Bread of Life volunteers. The Grace Lutheran residents wanted to let the volunteers know how much their work is appreciated.