Grace Lutheran Community Participates In Health Fair

Decatur County Memorial Hospital held its annual health fair on June 29, 2016 with over 600 people interacting with community vendors, senior housing agencies and receiving free health screenings. Grace Lutheran Community manager, Debbie Robbins and Service Coordinator Penny Dolph participated and shared a lunch sponsorship with other members of the community. Grace Lutheran is […]

Messiah Community Attends Health Fair

Managers and residents of Messiah Community, a Graceworks Housing Services property in Urbana, Ohio, recently attended a health expo. The event was held May 25th at Heartland of Urbana. In all 15 providers and 20 community members attended. The fair was a way for Messiah to market itself to the community and promote itself as […]

Hope Community Residents Thank Young Hero

Xavier Cosby is a newspaper delivery boy for Hope Community, located in Madison, Indiana. Hope is part of Graceworks Housing Services. Recently,  Xavier was delivering his papers as usual, when he arrived at a resident’s apartment and saw her on the floor. He quickly went in to her apartment and then immediately dialed 911. His […]

Successful Collaboration Between Sinclair Volunteers, St. Mark and Redeemer Community

Community and communication, what do they have in common? If you can’t communicate, how do you build a relationship with a community? This has been a long term concern for the residents of Redeemer and St. Mark community residents, just steps apart. The Housing Services properties are located in Dayton and share a parking lot. […]

Grace Lutheran Residents Appreciate Bread of Life Volunteers

Graceworks Housing Services provides safe and comfortable homes for seniors with limited incomes. Housing services partners with many nonprofit organizations in their respective geographic locations. Grace Lutheran is located in Greensburg, Indiana. One Greensburg-area nonprofit is The Greensburg Community Bread of Life, which formed in 2002. Their mission is “Faithfully working together to provide a […]

Free Nutritional Meals for Messiah Community Residents

Messiah Community, Urbana Ohio, has recently started a new affiliation with LifeCare Alliance.  A new dining program has been established where Messiah’s residents, low income seniors, are served a free nutritious meal each week. Residents select their meal choices from two hot and one cold option. The meals are planned by a dietician.  Each meal […]

IT Education for Lutheran Community Residents

Residents from Lutheran Community, a Graceworks Housing Services property in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, are excited about a volunteer who is teaching computer skills.  The volunteer, Toni-Ann is an employee of The Kroger Company and works in their IT Department.  She has been an IT specialist for over 20 years.  Toni-Ann reached out to Lutheran Community by […]

Grace Lutheran Remodels

For the residents of Grace Lutheran, located in Greensburg, Indiana, 2015 and 2016 are years of remodeling. The Housing Services community benefited from cost savings generated by refinancing. Over four hundred thousand dollars were freed up and earmarked for capital projects to the community, including the creation of a wellness center, upgraded laundry facilities and […]